Nutrition Coaching

Crossfit South Bend Nutrition is a nutrition program based on real whole food that is meant to improve your health, longevity, and weight. We believe nutrition is the foundation of health. We’ve seen people dramatically change their health, their weight, and their self-esteem just by changing what they eat.

The basis of our nutrition program is real whole food, in particular meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, nut & seeds, and herbs & spices. At CFSB, we don’t believe in shakes, smoothies, bars, pills, or cleanses, just real whole food. Two of our most popular programs are the Whole30 and the Whole90, where we ask people to eat only real whole food for 30 days or 90 days respectively. These programs are a great complement to our fitness programs here at CFSB.

Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, getting toned, or competitive sports, we have a program for you.