All-Inclusive Nutrition Coaching-3 Months-Paid in Full

Duration: 3 Months
All-Inclusive Nutrition Coaching-3 Months-Paid in Full
  • What's included in this package?
  • Ongoing Guidance, Support, and Accountability:
    • Food Journal Review: Weekly food journal review via email to keep on you on track towards achieving your goals
    • Ongoing Email Support: Unlimited email questions to your coach throughout the process about anything pertaining to the program
  • In-person meetings:
    • One-on-One Grocery Store Tour: 90min tour at the grocery store of your choice
    • Accountability Meetings: Once a month we'll meet for 30min to monitor progress
    • Weights, measurements, and pictures: Once a month to monitor body composition
  • Bonuses:
    • Whole30 Hardcover Book: This includes helpful recipes and meal planning tips
    • Paleo Library-A collection of Paleo cookbooks, nutrition books, and more deeply scientific health books which can be checked out one at a time for a month at a time
    • Exclusive access to Healthy for Life Facebook group: People use this group to share recipes, motivation, shopping tips, etc. to make the most out of their coaching.
    • 15% off Healthy for Life Program: Once you’re finished with your program you get 15% off our Healthy for Life long-term nutrition maintenance program
    • Free Adrenal/Sex Hormone Results and Recommendations Session ($250 value): If you purchase and complete an adrenal sex hormone test ($250) from our FDN® program your results and recommendations session will be free.